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MassTransparency Out in the World

Jeff is not actually hibernating.
MassTransparency Out in the World
Ball in Honour of President Lincoln in the Great Hall of the Patent Office at Washington, from the Illustrated London News. Via Smithsonian Open Access.

Things I'm working on:

Things I've done recently:

  • I was recently on Jamie Loftus's podcast, sixteenth minute of fame, talking about police transparency in the wake of the Boston Slide Cop. It's a good time, and I especially loved how Jamie closed out the whole thing.

    (As an aside, I am Not a Big Deal, and my Twixxer account continues to be a notification wasteland ever since the pod dropped, because Jamie Loftus is apparently, like, very popular. Also featured on the pod was Molly Conger (aka socialistdogmom), who also has A Following and I basically feel like a little kid allowed to eat at the adult table on Thanksgiving. Thank you to new followers and to Jamie for being cool. Her book is about hot dogs.)

More coming soon! Thanks for sticking around!